Chemcut Corporation

Company History

Originally named Centre Circuits, Chemcut was founded in 1957 to be a manufacturer of precision equipment for printed circuit board production. One year later, the company sold its first Chemcut spray etching machine. Chemcut etchers were at the forefront of technology, as handmade circuit boards were quickly replaced by mass produced printed circuits.

The growing company officially changed its name to Chemcut Corporation in 1962, and by the early 1970s, Chemcut developers, etchers, and strippers were making circuit boards and chemically milled parts throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Chemcut Corporation was acquired in 1980 by Schering A.G. of Berlin, Germany, as a unit of their Electroplating Division.

In 1993, the Schering Electroplating Division was acquired by Elf Atochem. As part of this acquisition, the U.S. operations of Schering and Elf Atochem (M&T Harshaw) were combined to form Atotech USA Inc.

Chemcut Employees

In 2001, Elf Atochem was acquired by Total Fina, also of Paris. Atotech USA, Inc. continued to manufacture Chemcut machines at the State College, PA facility.

On May 1, 2002, Chemcut Corporation was reborn. Atotech USA , Inc. divested its D/E/S electronics equipment business to an employee-led buyout group.

Today, Chemcut Corporation is a world-class supplier of horizontal conveyorized wet processing equipment. Chemcut's State College building (100,000 square feet) holds the machining and molding facilities, the develop, etch, and strip equipment manufacturing and testing facilities, as well as the sales, engineering, and office administration personnel.