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Speedy and Metro Circuits, Inc. Install New Chemcut CC 8000

Develop – Etch – Strip (DES) Line


Chemcut Corporation, the United States’ leading manufacturer and supplier of Develop/Etch/Strip equipment, announces that PJC Technology Inc. (DBA Speedy Circuits and Metro Circuits), printed circuit board manufacturers, have both installed new Chemcut CC 8000 cupric chloride Develop-Etch-Strip systems in their facilities.

PJC Technology, Inc. has been producing rigid and flexible circuits for more than 40 years. The company is on a technologically driven journey to expand its ability to meet the challenges of leading edge designs and provide a benchmark for quick turnaround and superb quality. As a result, PJC Technology, Inc. has invested more than $5 million in equipment and processes in order to support industries that demand reliability- including Defense, Medical, Semiconductor and Down Hole Exploration.

Abbas Hosseinzadeh PJC’s Director of Process Engineering, said, “The new equipment increased production capacity, the ability to produce very fine lines and our yields.  The new Chemcut systems will allow us to continue our quest to use technology to solve problems for our customers. These Chemcut DES systems are truly the latest generation of technology and will enable us to leverage our 42 year history and expand our customer base.” Speedy & Metro Circuits can expect exceptional performance, excellent reliability and low cost of ownership with their new Chemcut CC-8000 automated   DES line. Features and capabilities include:

  • Thin Material Transport:  The DES line will transport very thin and flexible material without the use of leaders.
  • Excellent Etching Uniformity and Smaller Line / Space Features: The Chemcut CC-8000 system achieves fine feature formation by the unique design of the spray system and improved top side puddle management.
  • Automatic Dosing and Regeneration: These features keep the Develop, Etch, and Strip chemistry in a steady state condition ensuring consistent results.
  • Multiple Zone Control: Processing a ½ oz. over a 1 oz. panel is as simple as downloading the proper recipe.
  • Recipe Driven Operation: This feature eliminates day to day, week to week, and month to month product variation due to improper machine set-up.   The automatic pressure control feature provided in the main processing stations, utilizes variable frequency drives to control the speed of the pump impellers to regulate spray pressure.
  • In Line Filtration:The removal of the debris from the chemical baths helps to ensure process consistency and uniformity.
  • Bar Code Reader: The bar code on the product is tied to a recipe thus ensuring the operator processes the product correctly.
  • Data Collection and Archiving:  Gives real time and historical feedback and analysis.  The data is time and date stamped and can be searched by time and date and/or product code.
  • Remote Access via the Internet: Process Engineers can remotely create and share recipes between multiple facilities using any internet capable device.  The machine can be accessed for diagnostic reasons or to implement programming enhancements.

“It has been nearly 20 years since Chemcut first supplied equipment to Speedy & Metro Circuits.   We are very pleased that they continue to choose Chemcut to be its provider of new etching equipment for their facilities.” stated Rick Lies, Chemcut’s CEO.  “Chemcut has been the technology leader in the wet processing and chemical etching industries for over 55 years, and the continued partnership with both Speedy and Metro Circuits is a testament to the design innovation and dedication to excellence that have kept Chemcut at the top of the industry for the past five decades.”

Chemcut Corporation, founded in 1956, was the original developer of spray etching, a technique that made the chemical etching process practical for volume, as well as prototype production.  Chemcut offers a complete line of spray etchers, developers, strippers, waste treatment systems, and auxiliary equipment.  More than 15,000 Chemcut units are currently in operation around the world.

To learn more about Chemcut, please call 814-272-2800 or 800-CHEMCUT.

Additional information about Speedy Circuits, Inc. at 714-898-4901 and Metro Circuits 585-254-2980 is available from their company web site .


State College, PA – Chemcut Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of their redesigned mobile-friendly website, which is now accessible at The new site reflects Chemcut’s dedication to continuous improvement and innovation through a clean design, easy-to-navigate functionality, and a content-rich site experience.

Chemcut CEO, Rick Lies, stated “Throughout our 59-year history, Chemcut has been recognized for product quality, unsurpassed customer service, and long-term relationships. Our customers also value our innovative culture and ability to custom-design, test, and build a solution for any wet-process production environment. The user-friendly design and flexibility of our new website are synonymous with the machines we produce and make it much easier for us to provide fresh, useful content to our current and prospective customers.”

Highlights of the redesigned Chemcut website include the following:

  • The Parts page now offers a “Chemcut Parts Identification Guide” to make it easier for customers to properly identify Chemcut Serial Numbers and parts.
  • Local Chemcut representatives are easy to identify and contact via the new map-click technology.
  • The site’s Technical section offers an extensive library of papers covering a wide range of topics, such as titanium etching, etching of High Density Interconnects (HDI), and more.
  • Service and parts requests for Chemcut and M.E. Baker equipment are a snap with the new quick-complete request form.

Chemcut was founded in 1956 as a manufacturer of precision equipment for printed circuit board production. One year later, the company sold its first Chemcut™ spray etching machine. Chemcut etchers were at the forefront of technology, as mass produced printed circuits quickly replaced handmade circuit boards. Today, we continue to be the world’s leading developer and supplier of wet processing equipment for photo chemical milling of thin metal parts, chemical engraving of signs and nameplates, etching printed circuit boards, metal finishing, specialized glass processing for flat panel and touch-screen displays, photovoltaic (solar) panel manufacturing, and non-traditional processing of semiconductor products. Chemcut’s State College, PA facility contains a customer evaluation laboratory, manufacturing and testing facilities, as well as the sales, engineering, and office administration personnel.

To learn more about Chemcut, call 814-272-2800 or 800-CHEMCUT. Or visit the company’s website at

U.S. Congressman Glenn Thompson Visits Chemcut

July 18, 2014

Congressman Glenn Thompson Tours Chemcut Facility in Pennsylvania  

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Mike Burke Fills Chemcut’s Field Service Manager Position

September 05, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  September 5, 2012

Mike Burke Fills Chemcut’s Field Service Manager Position

State College, PA – Chemcut Corporation is pleased to announce that Mike Burke has joined Chemcut’s customer service team as the Field Service Manager.  Mike will be responsible for both assisting customers with technical service and repair questions and scheduling Chemcut’s service engineers, worldwide.  Read More