Semiconductor (SEMI)

Chemcut equipment is an excellent choice for non-traditional processing of semiconductor products.  Typical applications for our systems include the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Aqueous resist developing
  • Aqueous resist stripping
  • Etching silicon
  • Etching metallic layers

iStock_000000683563_Large300hChemcut’s continuous horizontal conveyor system allows for parallel processing of multiple pieces and can transport wafers, disks, squares, rectangles and irregular shapes.  The standard conveyor requires a minimum piece size of 5X6 inches; however, depending upon the processes needed, conveyor options may be available to accommodate smaller materials.

We manufacture systems with useable conveyor widths from 15-60 inches, and a variety of machine lengths are available to match the required throughput rate.  Non-metallic and premium metal construction components insure compatibility with a width range of aqueous process solutions, including hydrofluoric acid.  All equipment is built with fire retardant materials and applicable to SEMI specifications.  Optional materials are available for Class 100 clean rooms.

For details about using Chemcut systems for Semiconductor production,   contact us or your local Chemcut sales agent.

Ion Exchange System

Model 990D Electroless Copper System

Model 903 & 907 Regeneration Systems

Chemcut 547 XL Stripper

Chemcut Resist Filter

XLi Dual Chamber Ferric Etcher

Model 2800 Drawer Etcher

Chemcut Etch Adjust Module

Used CC8000 Developer

Xli Photoresist Developing System

CC8000 Wet Processing Line Etcher

Refurbished 2315 Etching System

Model 936 Web Filtering System

Model 219 Specialty Scrubber

Flat Panel Display Cleaner

Flat Panel Glass Cleaner With Brushes

Chemcut 2300 Processing Systems

Surface Cleaner Model 121

2330 Acid Etching System

Model 604 Mechanical Finishing System

XLi Etching Systems

Model 2300 Dryer Systems