Semiconductor (SEMI)

Custom Semiconductor Wafer Etching Processing Equipment

semiconductor wet processing. developing

Chemcut’s semiconductor equipment is an excellent choice for non-traditional processing of semiconductor wafers.

Common Semiconductor Equipment

Wafer Cleaning

Aqueous Wafer Photoresist Developing

Aqueous Wafer Photoresist Stripping

Silicon Wafer Etching

Glass Wafer Etching

Wafer Metal Etching

Wafer Etching 2315 etcher

Chemcut’s Wafer Processing Equipment

Chemcut’s continuous horizontal conveyor system allows for parallel processing of multiple pieces and can transport wafers, disks, squares, rectangles, and irregular shapes.

The standard conveyor requires a minimum piece size of 5 X 6 inches; however, depending upon the processes needed, conveyor options may be available to accommodate smaller materials.

We manufacture systems with useable conveyor widths from 15-60 inches, and a variety of machine lengths are available to match the required throughput rate.

Non-metallic and premium metal construction components ensure compatibility with a wide range of aqueous process solutions,

including hydrofluoric acid and organic solvents. All equipment is built with fire retardant materials and applicable to SEMI specifications.

Optional materials are available for Class 100 clean rooms.

Customize Your Silicon Wafer Etching Process

We are willing to customize our equipment to your every need. We have built many custom semiconductor cleaning machines, wafer photoresist stripper, and Si wafer etching machine.

The most common process we have built machines for is semiconductor wafer cleaning.

With that said we have an R&D lab where we can test any chemistry and do etch rate tests. Whether you are cleaning, developing, stripping, or etching silicon wafers we can build a custom machine for you.