A new market-sized Horizontal Electroless Copper Processing System designated the Model 990D is just 41′ long and 71″ wide, the system is designed to fit the needs of current North American plating operations. The Model 990D Electroless Copper System offers advanced design and operating features that are based on extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of systems designed to meet the critical requirements of the precision processing market. The Model 990D was developed in close cooperation with Atotech, the PCB supplier who can look back to experiences with more than 120 large scale PTH- and more than 300 horizontal plating-systems in production; however not every company needs the larger processing systems to achieve their plating goals. Chemcut and Atotech worked together closely to develop a market-sized processing system designed to reliably process thick boards and small holes, cover blind vias, and handle thin material without frames or special equipment. Add to these traits reduced cycle times, improved yields, and lower operating costs, and the 990D is ideal for small- to medium-sized plating operations.


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