Product Showcase: CC8000

At Chemcut, we offer three different product platforms for wet processing equipment. We offer the 2300 series, the Chemcut XLi, and the CC8000 model. Each one has its strengths, but this time we will discuss the CC8000 model. Here are some great qualities our CC8000 model has to offer.


                Since the CC8000 model has a modular structure, you can customize your machine to perform any process you desire. This provides you with great flexibility to add modules that would best suit your process and product. It also provides an opportunity of growth because modular equipment allows you to expand the equipment’s capabilities by allowing you to add or change modules down the road, even if the equipment is already set-up in your facility.


                The CC8000 can be used practically to etch products for any industry. It can be designed to be compatible with whichever etching chemistry you desire. When you combine this factor along with the modular design of this model, you can have a CC8000 built to handle virtually any process you wish so long as you plan and know what materials are compatible with your chemistry.

Ease of Use

The CC8000 utilizes a spray rack assembly, unlike the other models which use a series of spray tubes. By having the spray rack assembly, you can remove the spray racks in a matter of minutes all without the hassle of having to reach far into the machine. This makes cleaning, conveyor access, preventive maintenance, and nozzle changeouts very quick and easy.

Another matter that makes the CC8000 easy to use and maintain is that it brings the conveyor drive gears to the front door side of the machine. This means if you ever have to take out conveyor rods or swap out gears, it will be easier to remove them because you will have more immediate access to these areas.


The spray rack assembly also provides an efficient method of chemistry delivery.  By having an oscillation method that keeps the sprays parallel, and the top and bottom nozzles aligned together, you receive a good-quality etch distribution across panels. This allows you to process thinner materials that tend to be more delicate.

Large Production Capabilities

In the CC8000, you can get features that allow you to process more items in one module. With the CC8000, you can get conveyor widths up to 74 inches allowing you to get more effective conveyor space.  With this model, you also get larger etch chamber options. These larger chambers can allow you to run your conveyor at a higher speed without compromising dwell time and etch quality.

The Chemcut CC8000 is a versatile, efficient, and easy-to-use piece of equipment. If you are interested in the CC8000 model for your chemical etching process, you can contact us with your questions. If you want to know how a CC8000 may perform with your current etch process, you can also request to have some tests performed on a CC8000 in our in-house customer laboratory.