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Photoresist Developers

Chemcut XLi Systems
Setting the benchmark for chemical processing equipment, Chemcut's 547XLi systems integrate process..
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Refurbished Chemcut 2315 Etcher Available

A refurbished Chemcut 2315 etching system is available.  It is suitable for copper chloride,..
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Chemcut 2300 Processing Systems

Chemcut's newly expanded 2300 series product line a group of compact, double sided, horizontal..
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Chemcut CC8000
Chemcut Corporation, introduces the Chemcut 8000, its new wet-processing product line, employing Chemcut..
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Chemcut Xli Photoresist Developing System
Chemcut's popular 547Xli family offers excellent configuration choices for developing. 547Xli developers..
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Used Chemcut CC8000 Developer
A used Chemcut CC8000 developer is available. 

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Chemcut’s photo resist developing systems provide very high productivity with excellent uniformity. The developers are based on Chemcut’s world leading chemical etching technology. Both the Chemcut Xli and CC8000 product platforms as well as the non-modular 2315 bench spray etcher can be configured for developing. Therefore, Chemcut developing systems share common spare parts with Chemcut etching systems. Typical systems can be configured with developing contact lengths ranging from 20 inches (0.5 meter) to more than 120 inches (3 meters). Options are available for feed and bleed, pH control, panel counting, filtration, drying and more. Chemcut developers can be built for use with all common dry film photoresists, most aqueous based liquid resists, and aqueous based dry film and liquid solder mask resists. Additional information is available by contacting Chemcut or from the local sales agents for Chemcut products. Contact information for the local agents can be found by clicking the Sales & Service link above.