Chemcut has received the Pennsylvania’s Governors Environmental Excellence award twice since 1996. We have an outstanding safety record, the result of adhering to a stringent housekeeping and safety requirement program based on the Japanese “5-S” housekeeping system.

Chemcut is the world’s leading developer and supplier of wet processing equipment for photo chemical milling of thin metal parts, chemical engraving of signs and nameplates, etching printed circuit boards and metal finishing. We design and manufacture all of our equipment and machines in our 110,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in State College, Pennsylvania.

The concepts of Continuous Improvement, Deming and Imai (Kaizen) drive our value engineering efforts. This has lead to a 55% reduction in labor content of our product since 1992. Our employees are trained in fishbone and flow diagramming, charting, SPC, DOE, Force Field Analysis, team participation, etc.

flexability_300x300We also manufacture wastewater treatment solutions for industrial applications utilizing ion exchange and sequential batch technology. Our wastewater treatment systems are efficiently designed to reduce operating cost and minimize maintenance cost. They also reduce disposal cost of hazardous materials through recycling of strip liquors back into the process. Made of corrosion resistant materials, Chemcut wastewater treatment systems can be designed for manual or automatic control for end of line or point of source applications.

Because of our expert design, manufacturing efficiency, and quality control, we are able to effectively compete on price and quality against any company or economy in the world.

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