Flat Panel Displays

Glass Processing Equipment, Glass etching

View Common Wet Processing Equipment for Glass and Flat Panel Display

Chemcut has manufactured equipment for specialized glass processing for more than 40 years, and today, our products are ideal for Flat Panel Display (FPD) manufacturing.  Common applications for Chemcut products include glass pre-cleaning, post-cleaning, glass etching, resist developing, and resist stripping.

The flexibility of Chemcut’s 547Xli and CC8000 products allows equipment for Flat Panel Display applications to be built with a wide range of process steps, dwell times, and rinsing configurations.  Compared to heavy steel components, Chemcut’s lightweight conveyor construction materials reduce the possibility of damage to thin glass substrates.  Standard conveyor configurations can accommodate piece sizes from 5-60 inches wide and 6-80+ inches long.

The broad chemical compatibility of Chemcut’s equipment provides long life, a wide choice of process chemistry, and excellent return-on-investment.

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