Chemcut manufactures resist stripping systems for photo-imageable resists, screen printed resists, and metal etch resists.

Resist Strippers

Product Lineresist stripping experts for wet processing equipment. Including etchers, developers, chemical cleaners, and strippers

Common Resists

    • Dry film photoresists (aqueous-based)
    • Ink resist (aqueous-based)
    • Liquid photoresists (aqueous-based)
    • Plating resist (aqueous-based)
    • Solder mask resist dry and liquid
    • Tin resist (can make equipment compatible with ammonium bifuoride)

Common Equipment Parameters

    • Speed range: 14 – 140 inches / minute
    • Max temperature: 160 °F (can make a 200 °F)


    • Drying
    • Feed and bleed
    • Filtration
    • Panel counting
    • pH controller
    • And More

Automated Chemistry Management

Automated chemistry management systems are available for all Chemcut photo-imageable resist stripping machines and metal resist strippers.  Automated chemistry management improves product quality by insuring a constant level of chemical activity, in addition to reducing the labor necessary to monitor and control the stripping bath.

Learn more about our resist stripping machines by looking at our products or contacting us or your local Chemcut sales agent.