Chemcut Customers

Since 1957 we have been a leader in the wet processing equipment industry.

Starting with printed circuit boards (PCB) we have expanded our offering into photo chemical milling of thin metal parts, chemical engraving of signs and nameplates, etching printed circuit boards, metal finishing, specialized glass processing for flat panel and touch-screen displays, photovoltaic (solar) panel manufacturing, and non-traditional processing of semiconductor products.

Today we continue improving our machines so our world-class customers can continue making groundbreaking parts.

Please find a list of some of our customers below.

Our Customers

Customer Switzer    Customers Advanced Metal Etching       Customer Cubbison                    Customer Precision Micro

Customer Willington Nameplate                       Customer PEI                Customer Texas Nameplate         Customer UWE

Customer Newcut       Customer ACE   Customer Herz     Customer Tecan

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