Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Chemcut?

Chemcut’s process engineers have over 100 years of combined experience in wet processing.

Whether you are manufacturing printed circuit boards, sheet metal parts, wafers, or solar panels, Chemcut will find a way to make your wet processes a flying success. We are willing to customize our wet processing equipment to your every need.

Here are some of the things our customers love about Chemcut and our equipment:

We are here to serve you.

Our pre and post-sales support is second to none and prides itself on our customer’s success. Our expert service team will ship parts overnight if needed. Most parts are shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Where our competitors will have you waiting weeks if not months for parts.

Unmatched Etching Performance.

Our etchers provide companies with the most uniform and accurate etched surface on the market today.


Our wet processing machines are built to last using USA sourced material that is the best in the world. We have hundreds if not thousands of etchers, developers, and strippers that are well over 30 years old still providing high quality etched components.

Vertically Integrated.

We make most of our parts so we do not rely on anyone else to make parts for us. This gives us complete control over quality and the ability to make parts to support installed systems that are over 30 years old. We never have to worry about a supplier discontinuing a part and if a part is not in stock, we can start building it immediately.

Completely customized wet processing machines.

You can buy a standard etcher, or you can customize every single detail.

Research and Developing Lab Testing.

Our research and development lab will prove to you that our machines can etch the components you want and can help you optimize your etching process.

Scale Up.

Consultation with Chemcut design and process engineers will help you scale up from prototype design to full-scale continuous production.

How do I know your equipment will meet my needs?

You can have some samples processed in our in-house customer laboratory. Whether you want to test our cleaners, developers, etchers, or strippers, we can make the necessary arrangements. Just contact us so we can meet and discuss your project to determine the best way to move forward.

Do you supply processing chemicals?

We only provide the equipment to perform wet processes. We can help you get an idea of what chemistry would be best for your process and how to maintain its conditions, but we do not supply it. If you need to connect with a supplier, we can point you in the right direction.

Can you etch parts for us?

In our in-house laboratory, we can process samples to show you the performance of our machines, but we do not provide contracting services to make products for you. If you are looking for a chemical etching facility to make your product, we can direct you to some of our partners.