RegenerationChemcut acid regeneration



    • Chlorine gas
    • Sodium chlorate
    • Hydrogen peroxide (copper chloride only)

Chemcut patented the etchant regeneration process nearly 50 years ago (Patent #3,526,560) and, since that time, has delivered approximately 1,000 copper and ferric chloride regeneration systems worldwide.


    • 0 – 1,000 pounds of metal per day
    • Can build systems to handle larger amounts of metal per day if needed

All Chemcut acid regeneration systems for copper and ferric chloride utilize oxidation-reduction and specific gravity control.  Automatic control of the hydrochloric acid content is optional.

System Controls

In addition to Chemcut acid regeneration systems for copper and ferric chloride, Chemcut offers system-integrated chemistry control systems for ammonia-based etchants, micro-etch applications, developer control, and feed & bleed systems for stripping, chemical cleaning, and many other solutions.