Wet Processing Equipment

Customize your Equipment

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  • Select the product you are interested in, to find all your possible options.
  • Then contact your sales rep to get moving on your new piece of equipment.
  • If no products catch your eye please contact us. We have done many 100% customized machines!

Research & Development

  • Come test our equipment at our in-house lab.

Quality Assurance

  • Chemcut systems are manufactured to customer specification.
  • Chemcut wet processing equipment is Made in America with American materials.

Options to Add to Your Custom Wet Processing Line

  • Acid Controller – Popular for cupric chloride etchant
  • Drying – Ensures products come out of the line dry.
  • Inline Filtration Results in fewer clogged nozzles and particles in solution.
  • Ion Exchange Saves water in rinse stations.
  • pH Controller Popular option for Alkaline etching. Standard on developing and resist stripping lines.
  • Ventilation Demister Aids in condensation and recovery of evaporated process chemistry.
  • Thin Material Transport Transport very thin and flexible materials without the use of leaders.
  • Drip Pan – Catches chemistry drops or spills
  • Chiller Cooling System – Increased cooling capabilities.
  • ORP Controller Popular option for Cupric and Ferric etchers. Comes with regeneration system.
  • Specific Gravity Controller (IX) with Visual Baume – Prevents etchant Baume from getting too low or high.
  • Recipe Driven Operation Eliminates product variation due to improper machine set-up.
  • Data Collection and Archiving Gives real time and historical feedback analysis.

The options do not stop there. Chemcut wet processing machines are modular — allowing you to configure your machine in any order you desire.