Chemical Etching

pcb or semiconductor etching and developing

Etching Product Lines for Metal

Common Acids Used for Engraving Metal and Glass

Benefits of Chemical Etching 

    • Accurate and Complex
        • Metal etching has the capability to make extremely complex and accurate metal components. Since all the features are being machined at the same time the complexity can be endless.
    • Bur-Free and Stress-Free
        • Since the etching process is a chemical machining instead of mechanical machining the components will be bur free, stress-free, and will maintain all its original metal properties.
    • Fast Prototyping and Quick Design Changes
        • Metal etching has a digital tooling process that allows etcher owners to make fast changes to component designs.
    • Endless Metal Options
    • Click this link for more reasons why chemical etching / metal etching is worth the investment

Common Etching Parameters 

    • Speed range: 14 – 140 inches / minute
    • Max temperature: 130 °F

Options to Add to Etching Lines for Metal

    • Drying
    • Feed and bleed
    • Filtration
    • ORP controller
    • Panel counting
    • pH controller
    • And More

Why Choose Chemcut to Build Your Etching Machines for Metal? 

    • Chemcut has been a leader in the chemical etching industry since 1957.
    • Chemcut etchers are built to last. We have hundreds if not thousands of wet processing machines that are over 30 years old still running in the world today.
    • Chemcut’s service is second to none. We are here to serve you and to make sure that your machine is producing products to the quality you desire.
    • Chemcut etchers are the most accurate, precise, uniform, and fastest metal etching equipment on the market today.
    • Chemcut is vertically integrated. When you need a part contact us and we can make it right away if it is not in stock. We even make parts for 50-year-old machines!
    • Lastly, every Chemcut machine is made in the USA.

Learn more about chemical etching machines for metal by looking at our products or contacting us or your local Chemcut sales agent.