Printed Circuit Board

PCB Fabrication 

Products / Process run on our machine

    • 2 mil core inter-layers 
    • Flexible reel-to-reel Kapton 
    • 250 mil multi-layers
    • Rigid FR4

Fine Line Etching

    • 2 mil trace x 2 mil space at production volumes

Thin Material Transport 

    • 2 mil material can be transported no problem
    • 1 mil Kapton transportation is currently in development and very close to production-ready

Etch Tests / Proving Capabilities 

    • Samples can be tested in Chemcut’s R&D lab to prove our etcher can process your parts before purchasing a machine. Other wet processing tests are available upon request. 
    • Chemcut’s R&D lab is open to be rented for research. Chemcut can preform any wet processing step needed.

Schedule a visit or rent our lab, contact us or your local Chemcut sales agent.

Circuit Board and PCB Etching Machine










Popular Wet Processing Equipment for PCB

              • Develop – Etch – Strip Line
              • Strip – Etch – Strip Line
              • Cupric Chloride Etch Line
              • Ferric Chloride Etch Line