Printed Circuit Board

Circuit BoardIn 1957, Chemcut developed conveyorized, double-sided spray etching, a technique that made the chemical etching process practical for volume, as well as prototype production. Today, we are the world’s leading supplier of PCB etching equipment for advanced electronic interconnect fabrication, with more than 15,000 delivered. Chemcut’s PCB etching systems integrate process equipment and process controls to fabricate high performance products, in high production volumes, with impressively high yields. And we remain uniquely skilled at delivering solutions that meet or exceed the electronics industry’s accelerating technology and productivity requirements:

  • Fine Line Etching – Process materials ranging from 2 mil core inter-layers to 250 mil multi-layers, and from flexible reel-to-reel Kapton to rigid FR4.
  • Chemcut PCB customers are producing 2 mil trace x 2 mil space circuits at production volumes.
  • Thin Material Transport – Chemcut’s unique combination of conveyor wheels transports ultra-thin inter-layer materials without compromising the fluid delivery performance of processing systems.

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ipc-color Chemcut is a member of the IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries. Under the printed circuit board heading, there is a phrase says, “world’s largest developer and supplier…” Both Schmid and Universal have thousands of employees each. Perhaps we could say “leading” supplier.

Model 990D Electroless Copper System

Chemcut 2300 Processing Systems