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What Industries use Chemcut Electroless and Electrolytic Platers?

Our electroless and electrolytic platers are designed for the PCB fabrication industry. Since our equipment is designed for flexibility and customization, it makes our machines a great solution for any plating or wet processing project.

The majority of our plating projects are conveyorized plating so they can be integrated into a conveyorized PCB fabrication process.

What Plating Systems do We Offer?

We can help you design and build your plating line in support of Printed Circuit Board manufacturing (PCB).

Horizontally conveyorized plating systems are available for desmear, activation, and electroless copper plating processes, including plated through holes (PTH). Other supported plating processes include electroless Nickel plating, immersion Tin process, immersion silver process, and immersion Gold.

Vertical plating lines are available for electroless plating of copper, electroless plating of nickel, electrolytic copper, electrolytic tin, electrolytic silver, and electrolytic gold.

Chemcut will build systems that incorporate electroless plating as needed (horizontal). For electroless processes, a supplier’s chemistry can be tested in one of Chemcut’s smaller spray tools, the 2300 series.

Construction in both CPVC and PP is available for use and testing in immersion chemistry can also be done in our research and development lab.

But for actual plate up and metallic resist plating, electrolytic is done on a vertical line with a hoist that can be programmed for semi-auto operation.


Electroless Copper Plating

Electroless Nickel Plating

Electrolytic Copper Plating

Electrolytic Gold Plating

Electrolytic Silver Plating

Electrolytic Tin Plating

Immersion Gold Plating

Immersion Silver Plating

Immersion Tin Plating

Ni/Au Plating

PTH (Plated through-hole) Any discussion on this topic should include your chemistry supplier as well. It is critical that the bath for PTH is monitored closely.

Inner layer bonding operations: brown oxide (Bondfilm, Multibond, etc.), (white ‘oxide’ – immersion Tin)

Why Choose Chemcut to Build Your Electroless Plating Line?

Our process engineers have over 100 years of combined experience in the PCB fabrication industry.

Whether you are processing rigid or flexible materials, we will find a way to make your PCB plating process a flying success. We are willing to customize our platers and other wet processing machines to your every need.

Contact us today so we can discuss your plating project to determine what chemicals will best optimize your plating and etching processing line.

Once we determine the best chemistry, we will start our R&D lab testing phase. For the testing phase, we will need you to supply us with a panel that is laminated, exposed, and developed.

What if you are just starting a photo etching shop and cannot do this yourself?

No problem.

We have the ability to clean, laminate, expose, develop, etch, plate, and strip, in-house! All you will need to supply is the artwork, lamination, chemistry, and the metal that needs to be etched.

In our R&D lab, we can test unusual chemistries (organic solvents for example) for material compatibility prior to system build to verify the process will work, and that materials selected for construction are durable and robust.

Our process engineers will prove our platers and other wet processing equipment can attain your goals and we will help you optimize all your wet processing steps.

In the end, the optimization really comes down to you testing your new wet processing machines and finding what best works for you, but we will be here the whole time to help you through every step.

Ultimately the main reasons our customers love working with us are:

We have been a leader in the PCB fabrication process since 1957.

We are here to serve you. Our pre and post-sales support is second to none and prides itself on our customer’s success. Our expert service team will ship parts overnight if needed. Most parts are shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Where our competitors will have you waiting weeks if not months for parts.

Etching Performance. Our etchers provide companies with the most uniform and accurate etched surface on the market today.

Durability. Our wet processing machines are built to last using USA sourced material that is the best in the world. We have hundreds if not thousands of etchers, developers, and strippers that are well over 30 years old still providing high quality etched components.

Vertically Integrated. We make over 90% of our parts so we do not rely on anyone else to make parts for us. This gives us complete control over quality and the ability to make parts in order to support installed systems that are over 30 years old. We never have to worry about a supplier discontinuing a part and if a part is not in stock, we can start building it immediately.

Completely customized wet processing machines. You can buy a standard etcher, or you can customize every single detail.

Research and Developing Lab Testing. Our research and development lab will prove to you that our machines can plate or acid etch the components you want and can help you optimize your chemical process.

Scale Up. Consultation with Chemcut design and process engineers will help you scale up from prototype design to full-scale continuous production.