Waste Treatment

Chemcut manufactures wastewater treatment solutions to support Chemcut wet process systems.Our wastewater treatment systems utilize ion exchange and/or sequential batch technologies, are made of corrosion resistant materials suitable for use in etching plants and other corrosive locations, and can be designed for manual or automatic control for facility-wide or point-of-source applications. The systems available from Chemcut address many common applications, such as:

  • Closed Loop Systems
  • Batch Treatment
  • Ion-exchange Systems
  • Rinse Water Conservation
  • Filtration
  • 470 mm PPL Press Plates
  • Point of Source Treatment
  • Cooling Water Reduction

Designed to reduce operating cost and minimize maintenance cost, Chemcut wastewater treatment systems have twice been recognized by receipt of the Pennsylvania Governors Award for Environmental Excellence.  The systems also reduce disposal cost of hazardous materials by recycling strip liquors into the process. When these cost savings are combined with Chemcut\’s attractive capital cost and industry-leading post-sale support, very high long-term investment returns are achieved.To help us evaluate your specific wastewater treatment needs, complete and submit the “Waste Water System Selection Questionnaire” found on the Technical page.  Or, for additional information, contact us or your local Chemcut sales agent.

Ion Exchange System