Chemical Milling

Photo Chemical Milling is a process for the removal of metal by chemical action and is ideally suited for production of flat, relatively thin parts of unlimited configurations, and for other jobs requiring area, point, or line removal of metal.

Chemcut revolutionized the chemical milling process in 1957 when we developed conveyorized double-sided spray etching.  The new technique made the Photo Chemical Milling process practical for volume, as well as prototype production, and is the reason Photo Chemical Milling remains an effective metalworking tool.

Today, we offer a complete line of Chemcut Spray Etchers, Developers, Strippers, Waste Treatment Systems and auxiliary equipment, and over 15,000 Chemcut units have been delivered worldwide to produce a wide variety of products, including:

  • Washers, gaskets & shims
  • Shadow masks
  • Heat sinks, ladders & plates
  • Circuit lead frames
  • Automotive
  • Jewelry & decorative ornaments
  • Medical devices & implants
  • Screens & filters
  • Integrated circuit lids
  • Metal gaskets
  • Flexible cutting dies
  • RFID antennas
  • Printing plates
  • Lead frames

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Ion Exchange System

Model 990D Electroless Copper System

Model 903 & 907 Regeneration Systems

Chemcut 547 XL Stripper

Chemcut Resist Filter

XLi Dual Chamber Ferric Etcher

Model 2800 Drawer Etcher

Chemcut Etch Adjust Module

Used CC8000 Developer

Xli Photoresist Developing System

CC8000 Wet Processing Line Etcher

Refurbished 2315 Etching System

Model 936 Web Filtering System

Model 219 Specialty Scrubber

Flat Panel Display Cleaner

Flat Panel Glass Cleaner With Brushes

Chemcut 2300 Processing Systems

Surface Cleaner Model 121

2330 Acid Etching System

Model 604 Mechanical Finishing System

XLi Etching Systems

Model 2300 Dryer Systems