9 Industries We Serve

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Chemcut custom-designs and manufactures horizontal wet processing equipment for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Our equipment is so versatile that all sorts of different industries can utilize Chemcut products. Chemcut equipment frequently serves many industries, and some of the applications may surprise you. Here are the 9 main industries Chemcut serves.

1. Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

In 1957, Chemcut, then known as centre circuits, developed the first conveyorized double-sided spray etcher to make the chemical etching process practical for both high volume and prototype production. These early conveyorized etchers were primarily used for printed circuit board production. In the ’50s and ’60s, world consumption of electrical and electronic devices dramatically increased causing strong demand for affordable and efficient printed circuit boards (PCBs).  Today, Chemcut wet processing equipment continues to be widely used by the PCB industry.

2. Chemical Milling

With the introduction of conveyorized etching equipment, it was quickly recognized that these machines could be used to efficiently produce precise, burr-free metal parts in high volumes through the chemical etching process.  The Photo Chemical Machining (PCM) industry remains a significant user of Chemcut wet processing equipment.  

3. Glass and Flat Panel Display

Chemcut also manufactures specialized equipment for glass and flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing. Common applications for Chemcut products include glass pre & post-cleaning, glass etching, resist developing, and resist stripping.

4. Medical

The need for precise and biocompatible medical implants lead the Medical industry to chemical etching of materials such as Nitinol, (nickel-titanium), and titanium. Chemcut etchers are used with hydrofluoric etchants to produce biocompatible implanted metal parts.

5. Metal Finishing

Chemcut offers both mechanical and chemical finishing systems. These systems offer quick, uniform, and precise solutions to plating, cleaning, decorative finishing, and deburring circuit boards and metal panels.

6. Photovoltaic

Chemcut conveyorized processing systems are available for multiple steps in traditional silicon and alternative photovoltaic panel manufacturing process.

7. Semiconductors

Chemcut equipment can also be efficient in non-traditional processing of semiconductor products.

8. Sign and Nameplates

The sign and nameplate industry is also one that benefits from the use of Chemcut equipment. Whether your shop is small or large, Chemcut will build the right piece of equipment for you and provide the support you need.

9. Waste Treatment

Chemcut also manufactures waste treatment equipment to be complimentary with your etching process.

Since Chemcut products can be used in so many different ways, the industries discussed above are only some of the industries that utilize Chemcut products. Whatever industry you are in, we can meet your wet processing needs because we custom design our machines to suit your needs. Whether you need it customized for traditional or non-traditional manufacturing in your industry, we will help you develop your process and design equipment that is most suitable for you.