Chemcut Attends APEX 2023

Chemcut attended IPC’s APEX Expo this year in San Diego, California. There, some members of the Chemcut team got to escape the frigid Pennsylvania weather, showcase our equipment, and expand our network connections.

Chemcut 2300 series at IPC APEX Expo 2023.

If you had the chance to stop by, you would have seen that we presented one of our 2300 series etchers. The 2300 series is a model that is most suitable for prototype development, low-volume production, and quick-turn projects. It can efficiently take on these tasks because it is a compact model that allows easy cleaning and chemistry change-outs. Although it is one of the smaller platforms we offer, it is an excellent piece of equipment to show because of its many capabilities.

Robotic loader on the input side of the 2300 series.

Along with the 2300 series machine, were two loading bots on the input and output of the machine. These bots were shown off last year at the previous IPC show too, but this time a different layer was added. To simulate a typical printed circuit board shop, we incorporated the loading process to account for interleafing. Through this, the loader bots go through a series of motions. At the input, the loader bot would add a panel to the conveyor, and then pick up the interleafing material, put that aside in a separate tray, and repeat. The reverse of this process happened on the output end of the conveyor where the panel was picked up, and interleafing was then picked up to be placed on top of the panel. This showcased the range of motions that the loader bot can perform and that it is flexible enough to sufficiently handle any loading or unloading job your wet process may require.

High school students attending an education session about our company and the circuit board manufacturing process.

At the IPC show, Chemcut was also a participating exhibitor for the IPC Education Foundation (IPCEF) STEM Event. At this event, the IPCEF brought in local high school students to the tradeshow where they would learn more about the electronics industry by bringing the students to certain exhibitor booths and networking events. When students were brought to our booth, they got to learn about how essential printed circuit boards are in today’s technology, how they are made, and what role our company plays in it.

The next IPC APEX Expo is expected to be held in April 2024 in Anaheim, California. Our team is looking forward to the next show. If you were able to visit our booth this year, thank you. If you could not stop by this year, please consider stopping by next year.