Etch Uniformity – 7 Reasons to Consider Intermittent Spray

In chemical etching, one of the growing areas of innovation that we discussed in “5 Areas to Expect Growth In Chemical Etching” was etch uniformity. Etch uniformity is becoming crucial to obtaining consistent results across larger panels. Whether the panels are for printed circuit boards or etching multiple parts, better uniformity will increase production. The difficulty in receiving an equal etch across a panel is caused by the “puddle effect” — an effect where diffusion is limited in the middle of the panel due to a higher puddle depth. This effect causes the edges to etch faster than the middle. Many companies have developed methods around the puddle effect, such as vacuum etching, but the best available solution is intermittent spray. Here are 7 reasons why intermittent spray is the best etch uniformity solution on the market.

1. Simpler Design

Our patented intermittent spray is the perfect etch uniformity solution if you are looking to improve your process but not increase the complexity of your machine. If you are limited on space on your shop floor, adding an intermittent spray won’t be an issue. It is compact and contributes a minimal addition of length to your etching system. If you already have a modular etching line but want better uniformity, an intermittent spray module can be easily added.

2. Lower Machine Costs

The simplistic design of intermittent spray also means a lower cost. Its compact design does not require many resources or much manufacturing time — thus allowing it to have a low capital cost in comparison to other etch uniformity solutions.

3. Lower Maintenance Downtime and Costs

The simple design also means easier, less expensive maintenance.

4. Faster Etching Rate

Intermittent spray provides a etch uniformity solution that does not hold back etch rates.

5. Able to Transport Thinner Products

Since this solution only consists of an additional area to spray etchant, it poses no limit to material thickness.

6. Higher Yield

Intermittent spray modules can boost yield by obtaining a uniform etch across a panel without introducing a higher risk of damaged panels.

7. Lower Operation Costs

With intermittent spray, there is no loss of etchant in the process and there are fewer utilities required to function.

If you are looking for an efficient way to improve your etch uniformity, intermittent spray is the best solution available. With it, you’ll receive a more even etch through your panels without introducing more complex and expensive systems. If you want to see how well our intermittent spray will perform on your panels, you should consider having samples etched in our in-house customer lab. Should you want to arrange a visit or request having samples etched, please contact us.