Product Showcase: XLi

At Chemcut, we offer three different product platforms for wet processing equipment. We offer the 2300 series, the Chemcut XLi, and the CC8000 model. Each one has its strengths, but today we will discuss the XLi model. Here are some great qualities the Chemcut XLi equipment has to offer.

1. Customizable

A customized Chemcut XLi etch and strip line.

Since the XLi model has a modular structure, you can customize your machine to perform any process you desire. With modular construction, adding or moving modules can be done easily.

2. Adaptable

Chemcut’s XLi is suitable for many tasks. Whichever your industry or company size, the XLi will be a good fit. Whether you need to use harsh chemistries, transport thin material, or operate reel-to-reel, the XLi can be designed to suit your needs.

3. Suitable for Large Production

Image of a multi-chamber XLi etcher

In the XLi, you can get features that allow you to process more items in a smaller timeframe. With the XLi, you can get conveyor widths up to 60 inches allowing you to get more effective conveyor space, and you can get larger etch chambers so you can run your conveyor at a higher speed without any changes in things like etch depth or develop time.

If you are looking for a chemical etching line that’s customizable, versatile, and efficient, you should consider our XLi model. If you are interested in the XLi model but have more questions, you can contact us, or you can even arrange to visit our customer lab to receive a demonstration of how it works.