Chemcut Announces A New Product Line

February 10, 2009

Chemcut Announces A New Product Line

State College, PA , February 10, 2009

Chemcut Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the new 2300 Series product line at IPC Expo.  Based on Chemcut’s immensely popular 2315 etcher, the 2300 Series provides a reliable, high performance, compact, easy to install platform for the PWB manufacturing, chemical milling and sign and name plate industries.

In addition to etching, the new 2300 Series can now be configured for most of the common wet processes.  Resist developing, resist stripping, chemical cleaning, alkaline etching, cupric etching, and ferric etching are all possible in Chemcut’s new 2300 Series processors.  Customers now also have the choice of both 15 inch and 20 inch useable widths.  With the introduction of the 20 inch width, processing of 18 x 24 inches panels in a compact system is now possible.

Chemcut’s 2300 Series is ideally suited for prototype shops, captive development facilities, quick-turn shops and any circuit board or chemical milling facility needing an additional processor for a specialized application.  Many popular rinse and drying configuration options are available to meet a variety of processing requirements.

Rick Lies, Chemcut’s CEO, stated “The original 2315 etcher has always been a very popular product with a wide range of customers. With the new expanded  conveyor width and process capability, the 2300 Series is now appropriate for a much larger range of facilities and applications.”

Chemcut Corporation is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of  wet processing equipment for circuit board fabrication, chemical milling, sign and nameplate and solar power manufacturing industries.  Chemcut offers a complete line of spray etchers, developers, strippers, waste treatment systems, and auxiliary equipment.

To learn more about Chemcut, please call 814-272-2800 (or 800-CHEMCUT), visit the Chemcut webpage at or contact Kirk Lauver at [email protected].