Chemcut Appoints Cogent Manufacturing Solutions Agent

January 05, 2009

Chemcut Appoints New East Coast Agent

State College, PA , January 5, 2009

Chemcut Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Cogent Manufacturing Solutions of Atkinson, New Hampshire as its agent for the northeastern United States and parts of Canada.  Cogent Manufacturing Solutions now represents Chemcut in the New England States, New Jersey, New York City, Long Island and the Canadian Provinces of Quebec and the eastern half of Ontario.

Cogent Manufacturing Solutions, as a result of its merger with Betz & Company, is taking over the territory formerly assigned to the Betz organization.  Cogent’s main office is located at PO Box 95, Atkinson, New Hampshire 03811.  In addition to the main office, the former Betz & Company office in Cranbury, New Jersey will also be maintained.  Richard Betz, the principle of the former Betz & Company, will continue to support Chemcut as part of the Cogent organization.

“Cogent’s experience in capital equipment is an excellent fit with Chemcut.  The inclusion of Richard Betz within Cogent and the additional Cogent personnel in the field provide both continuity and an increased level of support and convenience for our customers in this important geographic area,” stated Rick Lies, Chemcut’s CEO.

Chemcut Corporation is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of  wet processing equipment for circuit board fabrication, chemical milling, sign and nameplate and solar power manufacturing industries.  Chemcut offers a complete line of spray etchers, developers, strippers, waste treatment systems, and auxiliary equipment. More than 15,000 Chemcut units are currently in operation around the world.

To learn more about Chemcut, please call 814-272-2800 (or 800-CHEMCUT), visit the Chemcut webpage at or contact Kirk Lauver at [email protected]. For further information about Cogent Manufacturing Solutions, please contact Bruce Siemering by phone at (603) 898 3212, or by fax at (603) 898 6243.