State College, PA – Chemcut Corporation is pleased to announce that the company is celebrating 50 years in business in 2007.  Chemcut, originally formed as the equipment manufacturing division of Centre Circuits, was founded in 1957.  The company’s first spray etching machine was sold one year later, establishing Chemcut at the forefront of technology and ushering in the era of mass-produced printed circuits.

                Centre Circuits discontinued the production of printed circuit boards and changed its name to Chemcut Corporation in 1962, to allow it to concentrate exclusively on the design and manufacture of etching equipment.  Chemcut’s equipment success quickly spread from circuit boards alone to supplying equipment for a wide range of photochemical milling applications which include; semiconductor lead frames, aircraft parts, jewelry, ornaments, signage, alternative energy, medical and automotive.   Within a decade, Chemcut developers, etchers, and strippers were producing circuit boards and chemically milled parts throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.  Since then, more than 15,000 Chemcut units have been sold around the world.

Today, Chemcut Corporation is a world-class supplier of horizontal conveyorized wet processing equipment.  Chemcut’s State College, PA facility contains a customer evaluation laboratory, the manufacturing and testing facilities, as well as the sales, engineering, and office administration personnel.

Kirk Lauver, Chemcut’s Marketing Director stated, “Chemcut’s long, successful history is confirmation of what happens when you produce great products and stand behind them with outstanding customer service.  The Chemcut name has, throughout its history, stood for quality, innovation, and a customer-first attitude.  The company was founded on those principles 50 years ago, and they remain paramount in the organization today.”  Lauver continued, “I am honored to have been a part of this great company’s history and look forward to many more years of success, for Chemcut and its customers around the world.”