Holaday Circuits Purchases New Chemcut CC 8000

Develop – Etch – Strip (DES) Line

Adobe_PDF_iconChemcut Corporation, the United States’ leading manufacturer and supplier of Develop/Etch/Strip equipment, announces that Holaday Circuits, printed circuit board manufacturer, purchased a new Chemcut CC 8000 cupric chloride Develop-Etch-Strip system for their facility in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Holaday Circuits, privately owned and located in Minnetonka Minnesota, has provided Printed Circuit Boards to the Aerospace, Military and Electronics Industries for over 40 years. Holaday Circuits emphasis on Process Control – from Prototype through Production – results in consistently producing Quality levels demanded by the Industries they serve. . Concurrent Engineering Producibility Reviews and a continuous focus on increasing value by reducing costs, all contribute to making Holaday the Vendor of Choice for many in this competitive market.

The new Chemcut CC-8000 automated DES line includes the following features and capabilities:

  • Thin Material Transport: The DES line will transport very thin and flexible material without the use of leaders.
  • Excellent Etching Uniformity and Smaller Line / Space Features: The Chemcut CC-8000 system achieves fine feature formation by the unique design of the spray system and improved top side puddle management.
  • Multiple Zone Control: Processing a ½ oz. over a 1 oz. panel is as simple as downloading the proper recipe.
  • Recipe Driven Operation: This feature eliminates day to day, week to week, and month to month product variation due to improper machine set-up.
  • In Line Filtration: The removal of the debris from the chemical baths helps to ensure process consistency and uniformity.
  • Data Collection and Archiving: The system is configured for ease of adding a Data Logger to allow for real time and historical feedback and analysis.  The data is time and date stamped and can be searched by time and date and/or product code.
  • Remote Access via the Internet: Process Engineers can remotely create and share recipes between multiple facilities using any internet capable device.  The machine can be accessed for diagnostic reasons or to implement programming enhancements.

Chemcut Corporation, founded in 1956, was the original developer of spray etching, a technique that made the chemical etching process practical for volume, as well as prototype production.  Chemcut offers a complete line of spray etchers, developers, strippers, waste treatment systems, and auxiliary equipment.  More than 15,000 Chemcut units are currently in operation around the world.

To learn more about Chemcut, please call 814-272-2800 or 800-CHEMCUT.

For additional information about Holaday Circuits please call 952-933-3303 or 800-632-3303. Or visit their company web site www.holaday.com.