NEW EAM OFFERS IMPROVED ETCHING UNIFORMITY See it for the first time in booth 507 at IPC Expo Feb. 20-22, 2007

December 06, 2006

Chemcut Corporation of State College, PA is introducing a new performance enhancing feature, called the Etch Adjust Module, for its popular Xli product line. When the Etch Adjust Module is added to an etching system, the user will have an important new tool to improve etching uniformity on fine-line, tight tolerance circuit boards and chemically milled parts.

The Etch Adjust Module contains an adjustable spray system that provides corrections via the solution distribution profile. By using the profile adjustment to compensate for common fluid dynamic effects or plated copper thickness variations, the user can achieve more uniform etching across the surface of a circuit board. This improved uniformity translates into high yields and less overall variation in the etched product.

The new Etch Adjust Module will be introduced and shown for the first time in Chemcut’s booth 507 at the IPC Expo/APEX 2007 show in February. Chemcut, located at 500 Science Park Road, State College, PA, is a world leading manufacturer of etching and wet processing equipment for circuit board, chemical milling and sign manufacturing.